Today is International Women's Day. On this day we celebrate the feminine. Feminine is just not restricted to the gender, but qualities as well.

I would like to highlight my friend Helen Oro. Helen is an Indigenous sister, fashion designer, mom and a great model for our community. CBC Indigenous just highlighted Helen as part of their storytelling of 13 Indigenous women from across Canada for International Women's Day.

Photo taken by me June 2014

“Helen Oro is Nehiyaw Iskwe fashion designer from the Pelican Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan.”. She takes her traditional First Nation beadwork and adorns modern day accessories such as heels, sunglasses, clutch purses etc. not only does Helen create one of a kind creations but creates opportunities for indigenous people aspiring to pursue careers In the fashion/model world. Internationally recognized for her designs and work Helen aims to create a positive image for indigenous women everywhere. [From CBC & Helen's website]

In June 2014 I had the opportunity to do some collaborative work with Helen in as part of her promo video and a poster for Independent Dog Face Indigenous Festival. It was great pleasure working with her.

This day celebrate the feminine, wherever you're, however you do it.

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