In Feb 2018 I'm moving back to Saskatoon, SK, after spending almost 2 years in Vancouver, BC. Moving there I'm Interested in contributing to social and environmental causes in addition to community building.


I'm an experienced marketing strategy professional using my passion and skills to build healthy and strong communities. I recently developed/implemented a very successful marketing strategy for Mr. Bannock - Vancouver's first Indigenous food truck launch which was sold out in under 1.5 hours with over 700 visits!

Hoping to reconnect with the Saskatchewan family and community members building on past successes and looking forward to the future opportunities. Read my bio and selected portfolio here.

While I will be physically located in Saskatoon however some of my work will be based out of Metro Vancouver Area, Lower Mainland, and Vancouver Island, BC.

Feel free to contact me below with ideas for collaboration or questions.

Much love


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