I am honoured to present a short talk to Groundswell Community aspiring change makers and community builders on February 9, 6:30pm.


Below is a blurb about my talk.

Environmental and social issues today have challenged change makers to solve these issues through skillful means, while providing worthwhile and meaningful employment. To make effective and long lasting systemic change people and resources have to be mobilized which form the foundation of our community.

Community building starts with a story, people connect with stories. What unique stories we tell as change makers to build our community determine our long term sustainability. In addition to connection with stories, space, tools, resources, and support are equally important for communities to grow and thrive. In this informal inspiration we will discuss examples of strategic community building for change makers, which will serve as a foundation for Groundswell cohorts to make effective and long lasting change.

I will be in Vancouver February 9-15. If you would like to chat about digital strategy, and execution for your art or organization please contact me.

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